Wednesday, October 29, 2008

4th folder pic

i look at several blogs of friends....(and some complete strangers!).....and saw this idea for a "photo tag". i thought it was a good idea so i'm going to share it and then tag a couple of friends to do it! what you do is go to your picture folders on your computer. you open the fourth folder and upload the fourth picture in it. the above pic happened to be mine! my folder was from the Washington, DC vacation that we took last new years. we spent 4 days there and had a really great time with our boys. blake was 5 years old and was able to understand the things that we were teaching him about the United States, freedom, and the people that died to give it to us. i must say that it was extremely cold that week! one of the main reasons we headed north was so the kiddos could see snow. they had only seen snow on tv! well, we didn't get any snow that week....but saw a handful of flurries/sleet on the way to the airport to fly home! bummer! the funny thing is that we flew to the northeast US to get a glimpse of snow, and then we got to see it right here in Louisiana 2 months March! go figure.
anyway, looking at these pics brings back wonderful memories of our little family vacation and makes me ready for our beach vacation next summer! (they haven't been to the ocean and the beach yet either!! what kind of parents are we??)
i'm going to tag jennifer and aimee for this game of photo tag! can't wait to see their pics!

Friday, October 24, 2008

my cowboys

every now and then, my crazy kiddos decide that they are real cowboys....with guns, boots, hats, the works! this was one of those nights! they went so far as to say that real cowboys don't sleep in beds, but they sleep on the ground under the stars. luckily, on the ceiling of their bedroom are about 150 glow-in-the-dark stars! so tonight we had to make "cowboy beds" on the floor. we turned on the room light for a while before bed so they stars would really glow when we turned off the lights! the funniest thing was that they parked their boots by their know, so they could ride the range in the morning! brady laid out his hat beside his boots and blake set out his guns (in case a snake crawls into camp??)! i just had to get a pic of it!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

halloween party

what time of the year do you get to act and look like a complete fool and get away with it? halloween, of course! last night, we had the best time at brandon & jennifer's halloween party! everyone was ridiculously dressed and we laughed the whole night! the digital scavenger hunt was so much fun.....running around town (while we looked like idiots anyway!) taking pics with strangers! kenneth and i dressed like Silky Johnson & a sugar mama! that's about as foolish as it gets!

everyone dressed up so funny so i have to post a few pics of them! hope they don't mind! our hosts, brandon & jennifer, were awesome pirates! aimee and brent came as snoopy and charlie brown (with the help of elijah-in-progress!). john mccain and sarah palin even showed up (matt & jennifer)!! and landon was absolutely hysterical as lawanda!

happy halloween everyone!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


this evening, kenneth and i went to dinner and a movie. we planned this morning to see the new movie, Fireproof. i had heard from several friends that is was a really great movie that really opened their eyes to things that they needed to work on in their marriages. i expected a good movie, with an encouraging message, but took away from it alot more. the movie addresses some of the fundamental things that we allow to go wrong in our marriages....issues of respect, encouragement, and just plain ole love! i realized that no matter how wonderful we think our home lives are, there are always things to work on. one of the statements in this movie that hit me between the eyes was "destroy the addictions that claim your heart". wow. that could mean a million different things to a million different people but it boils down to not letting ANYTHING come between you and your spouse.....because God allowed them to claim your heart FIRST. i pray for the guts and strength to put pride aside and fix things in my own heart and my own marriage so God can be glorified in the union that He made 11 years ago. i highly recommend this movie to anyone who is married or ever plans to be. yes, it's just that good!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

pumpkin patch

kenneth and i took the boys to the pumpkin patch tonight....and the weather was fabulous! we had a great time and picked out 3 perfect pumpkins. tomorrow, i'm on the hunt for a bale of hay so i can fix my front porch for fall! we visited the pumpkin patch at the methodist church by the interstate....because they are always so nice there! thanks to the sweet girl who took our family pic! jessica was supposed to be our "official photographer" but she bailed on us! this year, the patch had the regular pumpkins and the white ones; but also had some pumpkins that looked like they had warts all over them. they were pretty nasty looking! anyway, it's worth going over there to have a look at those gross things! happy fall!

Monday, October 06, 2008

my boys with Les Miles!

my kiddos were so pumped to meet Coach Les Miles of the LSU Tigers this past weekend! brady met him at the Rebel Club luncheon.....and blake was so jealous! luckily, we ran into him again tailgaiting before the WM Rebels game. they were so thrilled to have their picture made with him! he was very gracious and sweet to the boys and seemed to be a great guy.

notice how we have all of our favorite teams represented in their shirts! go rebels, tigers, and saints!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

blake playing football

hope you all had a great weekend! mine was full of football! rebels on friday night; blake played flag on saturday afternoon; and we went to the ULM vs. ULL game saturday night! speaking of blake and his flag football, i thought i'd post a pic or two of him playing! he loves playing but says it's too hot....and up until last week, i agreed! check out that awesome green mouthpiece!

he plays on the flag 2 Kiroli Komet team for 1st graders. they have pretty much the same team as they did last year so they are used to playing together. we're not a very dynamic team as far as winning is concerned, but they are having fun....and that's all that matters!

**a little something to make you check my blog in a day or so!**

friday we went to the rebel club luncheon and were very surprised (like everyone else!) when coach les miles walked in! LSU had a free weekend and he spent the day at WMHS. kenneth chatted with him a few minutes after lunch. that night, we saw him again before the football game and he took a picture with blake and brady! they were thrilled! be looking for that pic here soon!