Friday, March 27, 2009


it's rodeo time again! blake and brady absolutely love to go to the rodeo....and they look so great in their cowboy hats!

the boys and i went with my parents to the saturday night performance of the rodeo. that was the night the horse passed out! yes, that's what i said. a bucking horse came out of the chute and immediately slammed into the fence and collapsed! i mean....not moving, not breathing, nothing. it was very unsettling! about 1 minute into the drama, blake looked at me and said, "you're a nurse mom....go help him!" i couldn't help but smile! i was flattered that he thought i might actually be able to help! anyway, the horse finally jumped up and stumbled around. they said he knocked the wind out of himself when he hit the fence! the boys were so excited when he got up. brady said,"thank you Lord, he's not dead!"

i know, what kind of mother puts her children on the back of a real bull??!! must have been the cotton candy talking!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

gone fishin'......

tuesday afternoon was an adventure for the swanner family! we all loaded up and took off to caney lake for an evening of fishing and family time! it really was a great day. the boys enjoyed riding fast in the boat and i can't resist posting this pic of brady's fluffy hair after we stopped flying down the lake!
blake and brady are both pretty good little fishermen. we started off casting out their bait for them, but it didn't take long to realize that they do almost as well as we do! good arms on those kids!

we didn't catch anything but i'm thankful for times like this when we can escape together as a family and enjoy just being together. next time we go, i'm sure i'll be posting some big fish pics!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

drum roll please.....

oh, yes. yet another miracle has occurred at my house. my closet is clean! way back in November, i posted pics of my horribly messy closet in hopes that it would publicly humiliate me enough to do something about it! well, 3 months later (i was really shamed, huh) it's finally done! as promised, i'm posting "after" photos......

this is a picture of the other side of the closet, the one you couldn't see on the former post because the clothes were piled so high behind the door that i couldn't open it enough to get a photo!

whew! it took me 5 hours and i'm just worn slap out! kenneth and brady just got back from a day trip to shreveport and brought me back 2 huge chocolate dipped strawberries from the boardwalk! i love those guys! (if i'd have known i'd be rewarded so well, i would have cleaned it before now!) have a good week!