Friday, January 30, 2009

he just wants a little privacy!

today i was reading jennifer's hilarious blog about her son's first-grade-messy-boy's handwriting and it made me think of something that blake wrote a few weeks ago. my niece and nephew were over at our house and i suppose blake just wanted everyone to stay off the top bunk of his bunk beds. i walked into his room and found the following sign taped to his top bed........

.......i just had to crack up when i saw it! hey, i think the word "aloud" is still a pretty impressive word for a first grader! we'll work on "allowed" at a later date! thanks jennifer for jogging my memory about this! gotta run for now. i've got to go force-feed some medicine to brady. he's sick this week and pukes on demand, so medicine is always a battle. have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

snow day!

on saturday, mimi took the grandkiddos to snow day at New Chapel Hill Baptist Church. they blew in 4 tons of snow for the kids to play in! talk about a great time for a bunch of Louisiana kids who never see any snow! they loved it!

they served cookies, snow ice cream, and of course hot chocolate....just to warm your hands and your guts!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

building the swingset

kenneth and i got the boys a swing set for Christmas and we're just now finding the time to put that ridiculous thing together! i'm telling you, this thing has a billion different sized boards named "w4" and "h3" and such nonsense....but none of them are labeled, tagged, or stamped as such! saturday morning, we recruited some help. chess and john came over and between the three of them (four of us if you count them hollering for me to check behind them) some headway was made!

they don't really appear to have a clue at this point, but things picked up from here!
how many men does it take to screw in one bolt? ha! actually, this particular bolt that took such awesome teamwork ended up being WRONG! thankfully they had called me over to "see if this looks right" and it looked anything but right! that board was sloping down worse than my driveway. they admitted it was wrong, laughed about it, and kept on building! hopefully, we'll have it finished sometime this week. if you would like to donate some of your time to the Blake & Brady's Swing Set Foundation please feel free to drop by! you'll be blessed by giving your time so generously!

on a side note, a few posts back i shared pics of my horrible walk-in closet that i can't actually walk into.....and vowed to have it cleaned up soon with pics to prove it. well lemme just tell ya. i didn't get it cleaned through the sue me! now i've started a diet and quit coke, dr. pepper, breads, AND sweets cold-turkey....i have a chronic pounding headache from it......and on top of that i'm breaking in some new bras so gimme a break!! wow. i feel a little better now. i will get it cleaned eventually, i promise. phew! i've gotta go to bed now! good night!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

plate art!

okay, normally i don't let my kids play with their food....especially at restaurants, but last night was an exception! we went to Outback with my parents and blake decided to get artistic with his french cut green beans. i post the following pics to display his art:

hey, what can i say?! at least he cleaned his plate of all the other food first! green beans are not my favorite either!