Sunday, July 12, 2009

they finally got hauled in

couldn't resist posting this goofy pic of my boys! we went to the Childrens' Museum for a birthday party and they have the coolest police station/jail/fire station that even has a pole for them to slide down! i took this picture of blake and brady in the jail and sent it to kenneth's cell phone. i figured his response would be 'how cute' or 'they're a mess' or something like that. wrong! i got 'tell them if they don't start minding us a little better, that's just where they're gonna end up'! good heavens! (but it did make them stop and think....for about 2 seconds!)
i told them to make a mad face....but from brady's face, it just looks like prison smells really bad!


The Banks Family said...

How cute! This must be a new thing since we were at the Children's Museum last!!

Beauty From Ashes said...

Okay, I updated! Now you need to update, too missy!! LOL