Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy fathers' day, sweetie!

yeah, he's cute, huh! i am so thankful that God gave this fella to me! today is fathers' day so i'm going to ramble a bit about the special guys in my life.
i've always looked up to my daddy and had so much respect for him because he's a wonderful Christian man, he has always put family first, he's considerate to other people, and he's just an all around cool guy! i'm blessed that my parents have been married for 40 daddy's been around for me since the beginning of time! he's been the standard that i've measured lots of guys against...and when they fell short, i gave them the boot!
because of the example that my daddy set, i knew when i met kenneth and got to know him that he was my guy forever because he came pretty darn close to measuring up! as some of you know, my husband and my dad have the same name and the same i took that as a sign too! ;) kenneth's "daddying skills" have always impressed me. he's never been one of those guys that wouldn't change a diaper or would never take the kids out anywhere because they might "act like kids"! he's been known to scrub throw up out of the carpet, clean poopie off the boys from head to toe, and has even squeezed the occasional "snot rocket" from their nasty noses without even missing a beat! he's always helped me in every way possible in raising our 2 boys, and i love him for that. i don't know if you're reading this, sweetie...but if you are, know that i love you so much and i'm so proud that you are mine. thank you for giving me my two crazy, adorable, 100% boys!
i am also very blessed to have my precious "papaw roark" still around! he is so special to me and i wish him a happy day also!
so on this day i honor all the fathers in my family. i love you very much and pray that one day my 2 sons will follow in your footsteps and be the kind of fathers that honor God and cherish their families!


Kenneth said...

Boo, those are the most precious words anyone has ever said to me or about me! Thank you so much! One of the many reasons I love you is because of how you feel about me! I love you dearly and remember: it's not nice to make a grown man cry when he is 500 miles from home. You are the best and ALL MINE! Love you!

swannermom said...

i love you too, sweets! i meant every word!