Thursday, June 18, 2009

gulf shores vacay!

i am lovin' some Gulf Shores! we went to the beach this summer with my parents and my brother's family. it was the first time my kids have ever been to the beach because brady is just now at an age where we don't mind taking him on a trip! babies are hard work! they were both in awe of the ocean when they saw it! blake told brady that there were no trees out there because the water goes "all the way to another whole country"!

while we were there, we took some beach pics of our families. getting everyone to cooperate was a task for sure!

we took the boys to The Track after dinner one night and had so much fun riding gocarts! the boys even found some child-sized gocarts that they could drive by themselves. scary! they couldn't pay me enough to work on the track where the 7 and 4 year olds were cut loose on gas powered gocarts!

we can't wait for vacation next year! hopefully it's "Disney, here we come!"

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