Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my mothers' day gift

i admit....it's very hard for my husband and boys to come up with gift ideas for me at mothers' day, Christmas, birthday, etc because if i want something, at any time, i just go out and get it! but this year, they did great!
while i was at work one day, kenneth bathed the boys and met aimee (my sis-in-law/photographer extraordinaire) at kiroli park for a photo session. the miracle was that they did this several days before mothers' day...and neither of them said a word about it! awesome secret keepers! here are a few shots:

cute kids, huh?! i'm so proud of them. blake is 7 and starts second grade in the fall and brady is 4. he's going to start pre-k this year! how sad! it seems like i brought him home from the hospital just yesterday! there are more pics posted on my Facebook, so drop by and look!

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