Wednesday, May 20, 2009

now he's a second grader...sniff, sniff

i am so very proud of blake and his first grade accomplishments! his awards program was now he's officially a second grader! wow! seems like just yesterday he was spitting up formula on the front of my shirt and discovering his hands and feet! =)

he got a certificate and a trophy for making honor roll all year! his teacher this year was our good friend, mrs. vallery, and she is so awesome! she really loves all her kids and does a fantastic job teaching the sometimes "unteachable"! we love you katy!

now that i have a second grader, that means i also have a pre-schooler. oh no! my sweet little tiny baby brady starts crosley pre-k in the fall! i can't believe both of them are "school kids"! although blake can be a handful when he wants to, brady is a mess all the time! in case there are any crosley teachers reading up well this summer because brady's comin!!

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