Wednesday, May 20, 2009

tooth fairy time!

yay! blake finally lost a tooth!
for many weeks, blake has been telling me his teeth were loose....but when i would try to wiggle them, they were anything but loose! he just made himself believe it was because he wanted so badly for one to come out! all of his friends have lost teeth and his were cemented in!
finally, almost 2 weeks ago, one finally wiggled! he was so excited! while i was getting ready for church on sunday, he came in the bathroom and said, "hey mom! my tooth is in my hand!"

in case you're wondering, the tooth was his bottom right tooth so you can't see his gap when he smiles!
blake was a bit worried about the well-being of the tooth fairy. he was afraid she might suffocate under his pillow trying to get the tooth! i decided that we would make a pillow pocket for his tooth so she could just flutter over and pick it right out! no fishing around under the pillow trying not to wake him up for me!, i mean, for that tooth fairy!! pretty smart huh?

since blake and brady share a room, brady had some concerns of his own. he asked how she flew around the room, if she was actually a little flying bug, and was she going to sting him while she was in there! good grief! kids just over-think this stuff nowadays!
the fairy made it in and out of their room with no incident and left blake $3 and a pack of gum! i think the gum is to help loosen the other teeth. until next time.......

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PaperAddictJenn said...

Joey is afraid he might wake up and see the tooth fairy and be scared, so he puts his teeth on the kitchen counter...